7th and 8th Grade Bands (Symphonic Winds, Honor Band, and Wind Ensemble) have a major assignment due on Feb. 21!!

Music Mastery-DUE on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21st

Music Mastery Assignment

Students are required to attend the masterclass/clinician portion of MidKnight Madness (3:45pm-8PM).  However, students must pass off all of their Mastery assignment to be eligible for the “Madness” portion from 8pm-MidKnight.  These assignments must be completed outside of the normal band class. Please let us know if any accommodations need to be made. Students can find recordings of the music in the “Accompaniments” section of the recording studio on Charms!

Beginner Band Concert

At this point (3:35pm) the Beginner Band Concert is still a GO!  We will see you tonight!!  The students should be ‘ready to play’ by 6:15pm and the concert will begin at 6:30pm.

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