Private Lessons

Private Lessons Registration

Private lessons are a great way to get individualized instruction on your instrument!!

Private lessons are supplemental, specialized one-on-one instruction your child receives from an expert on their instrument. While optional, we highly recommend taking private lessons as they provide many benefits:

  • Your child gets extra support on material and skills they need help with
  • They can allow students to be challenged and learn skills and music beyond what we do in the classroom
  • They enrich your child’s learning experience to get the most out of their musical journey
  • Builds confidence within students
  • Helps with organizational skills 
  • Lessons can happen during class, or before or after school. Private Lesson teachers set the schedule on a first come, first served basis. 

These lessons are paid directly to the lesson teacher for a rate set by the district based on their education and experience. It is up to the private lesson teacher on when payments are due. All lesson teachers are vetted by the band staff and the district to ensure we only have quality instructors for your child. In order to get the process started, parents should fill out this interest form. Once the form is filled out, your contact information will be sent to our designated private lesson teacher for your child’s instrument and they will reach out to you to schedule lessons and answer any questions you may have. 

We recommend filling out the form as soon as possible, as lesson teachers have a limited amount of time slots available during the school day. If you have any questions or concerns about private lessons, please do not hesitate to reach out to Mrs. Jacobsen at

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