Knight Band Market Place

We will periodically update this page with instruments that parents are looking to sell. If you have an instrument that is looking for a good home, feel free to contact us: Provide as much information about the instrument as possible and be sure to leave contact information as well!


Buffet Crampon R13 Clarinet


Tammye Brown



Buffet Crampon B12 Clarinet

Price Reduced to $350.00

Text “B12 clarinet” to 512-560-5140 if interested.


Percussion Instrument-

Pearl Bell set w/case, no stand

Seller: Linda Spataro

Price: $75



Percussion Instrument-

Full Pearl Percussion Kit including: Bells, Snare, Stick Bag w/full set of sticks/mallets {does not include books}

Seller: Christina Garza

Price: $250



Flute- This is a great beginner flute!

Yamaha YFL-261

Open hole, Offset G key, C-foot
Comes with case, cleaning rod, and cleaning cloth
Seller: Ellen Walker
Price: Contact Seller


Flute- This is a great instrument for an intermediate player (could be for a beginner too!)
Muramatsu EX
Open hole, Offset G key, B-foot
Comes with case
Seller: Ellen Walker
Price: Contact Seller


Flute- Two Instruments, both of which will be great for beginner flute players!
Yamaha Flute Model 481 soft case w/tuning rod
Yamaha Flute Model 281
Seller: Patricia Vianes-Cabrera
Price: $1,350 for both flutes!