Wind Ensemble

Knight Band Notes- Wind Ensemble 9/17/18


Greetings Knight Band Students and Parents!  Be sure to watch the calendar! There are some fun performances coming up!! 8th Graders see below for more information on 8th Grade Night this week!!


*Pass Off Assignments

Students should have completed Bronze #7-9 last Friday.  The next assignment will be Bronze #10-12 by this Friday, 9/21/18 (there will be a Bronze #20 pass off party for those that pass off 1-20 before 9/28). The party is in the band hall on 9/28 from 4-5:30pm.



We need some volunteers for the next football game concession stand!  Parents that helped out last week THANK YOU!!  YOU ROCK!


Please click on one of the links to sign up.  We only had TWO people for the 2nd shift last week!  All of the proceeds come directly back to the Knight Band Program!  Thank you in advance!! 🙂


Shift 1 5:00-6:45pm


Shift 2 6:30-8:00pm


*Band T-Shirts

The 2018-2019 Band T-Shirt will be the uniform for the upcoming performances (football game: 9/25, Pfestival of Bands: 10/1, etc).  (If you have not already done so)…Be sure to pay for the “Band Bundle.” This is the ”Bander” and the 2018-2019 Uniform T-Shirt.


Students that were at summer band received their shirt, but some have not paid for it yet. Students that were not at summer band, but have already paid for their bundle received their T-Shirt this week.  If you have not paid yet ($16.00), you can send checks (payable to KLMS Band) or cash or use the link below to pay online. (Be sure to put cash or checks in an envelope labeled “Band Bundle” with student name).


*Black Dress Shirts

The ‘formal uniform’ for 7th & 8th graders is solid black dress shoes, solid black dress pants, solid black dress shirt.  We have already measured for the black shirts, but we will order a few extra in all of the sizes if you would like to order from the band.  You can send cash or check ($22) or you can use the like below:


8th Grade Night with the Hawks, Friday, September 21!! (8th grade students only!)

The 8th grade students have been invited to attend a half time performance at a Hendrickson Hawk Friday night Football Game on September 21nd!! Below is the ‘least you need to know’…(more information here: 8th Grade Night 2018)

-8th Grade students should have filled out the ‘information card’ that was given to them by the HHS directors.  Mr. Atkinson says he will accept them through Monday. (This is so they can have an accurate count for pizza and T-shirts).

-8th Grade students will stay after school.  We will walk together to HHS.
-HHS will provide a pizza/drink dinner (if your child has dietary restrictions, please reach out to the HHS Band Boosters : Christy Anderson  or plan to provide dinner for them).
-8th Grade students will need to take everything they need for the weekend as they will NOT be returning to KLMS
-Parent Pick Up is at “THE PFIELD” !  At approximately 9pm. They can not return to the HHS band after half time.  If your child will be staying for the remainder of the game, they will need parent supervision.


*Sectionals are going GREAT!  7:00am-8:00am

We really appreciate the Wind Ensemble for putting in this extra effort!


KLMS Band Remind:

Text: 810-10

Monday: Tubas (@34kg7c)  French Horns (@84g68c)

Tuesday: Trumpets (@3adf33) and Clarinets (@4a7ch7)

Wednesday: Oboes (@3a6ee7) and All Saxophones (@kfa46b)

Thursday: Flutes (@fb8fe6) and Low Clarinets (@b6eae4)

Friday: Trombones/Euphoniums (@f8g69a2) and Bassoons (@webasso)


*Private Lessons

We would really like to increase Knight Band enrollment in private lessons! Private lessons are extremely important and would benefit all of our students tremendously. If you would like more information about private lessons, please contact Mr. Sneed!

Sign up for Private Lessons!!!


  1. Next Week’s Lessons

We will continue improving on these skills next week:

  • Ensemble Rehearsal Techniques
  • Warm-ups
  • Football tunes (preparing for the first football (9/25) and Pfestival of Bands (10/1)
  • All-Region Audition Process


Upcoming Events

Sept. 21: 8th Grade Night! (all 8th grade members will attend an HHS Football Game with the Hawk Band!!)

Sept. 25: Football Game Performance (band t-shirt/jeans, 5:30-7:00pm, drop-off/pick-up @ KLMS)

Sept. 28: Bronze 20 Taco Party!

Oct. 1: Pflugerville Pfestival of Bands!

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