Wind Ensemble

Knight Band Notes- Wind Ensemble 1/21/2020

We are making good progress on our UIL music.  We have a long way to go, but we are in a good place!  🙂


“Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words. It speaks in emotions, and if it’s in the bones, it’s in the bones.” ― Keith Richards


One of the highlights this semester is the “MidKnight Madness” event on February 21! We need lots of parents to join in on the madness!!  Please click the link to sign up!
Volunteer HERE for MidKnight Madness!



Six Flags publishes their Season dates late in the calendar-year and they have rented out the park to a company on the day that we planned on going! The 7th/8th grade trip is NOT on Friday, April 24th to Six Flags. The 7th/8th grade trip IS on SATURDAY, APRIL 25TH to SCHLITTERBAHN in NEW BRAUNFELS. 

Fundraiser UpDate!

The GattiTown lock-in has been rescheduled for March 27th (same times).

Tuesday night rehearsals continue THIS Tuesday (Jan. 21)  4pm-6pm. We will be providing pizza at the end of this rehearsal. (Some rehearsals we will not have pizza so students will want to bring a snack to eat before rehearsal begins.)

Please watch dates for rehearsals and performances.  It is VERY important that ALL students attend ALL rehearsals (as full band rehearsals are meant to help us learn balance, blend and intonation within sections and the full band).  Below is a link to the band calendar that the students were given in August. Please try to avoid major orthodontic appointments close to performances!

2019-2020 Knight Band Calendar-UPDATED 01/17/20

Students have access to the professional recordings of our UIL music so they should be listening to them daily.  This helps to create an ‘ideal’ image so they can balance and blend their parts more efficiently. They can access them on their Google Classroom account.

Students must pass off their “Music Mastery” assignment by February 19th to be eligible to participate in the “pfun” part of MidKnight Madness. It is recommended that they pass them off on Charms ( school code: ‘klmsband’ password: id unless changed).  They may stay after school this Wednesday (1/22/20), or Thursday(1/23/20), if they would like to pass off some of their “music mastery” assignments with a director (they are also welcome to record this assignment on a voice memo app and send it to )

2020 Wind Ensemble Music Mastery


Students will need their tuner/metronome every day in class!

Band Store

Reminder that sectionals will continue through UIL in March.

7:00-7:45am (see new line up below)

KLMS Band Remind: 

Text: 810-10 

Monday:Clarinet (@a7a9fa), Flute (@272882), Oboe (@238dea) School Holiday: Students voted to move to THURSDAY

Tuesday: NONE (night rehearsal)

Wednesday: *Alto Saxophone (@2eh4d) and French Horn (@88226k)

Thursday:Trumpet (@1920wet) Clarinet (@a7a9fa), Flute (@272882), Oboe (@238dea)

Friday: (all lows) Trombone/Euphonium (@gk7fb9), Tuba (@ac3cbc8), *Low Clarinet (k3f47e), Bassoon (@ce22h9g), *Tenor/Bari Sax (@d4dh6c)


Sneak Peek:


Every Tuesday(4-6pm) Students should bring a snack to eat before rehearsal

Sectionals (see schedule)



Sectionals (see schedule)

Every Tuesday! (4-6pm) Students should bring a snack to eat before rehearsal

19: Deadline for Music Mastery


25: Pre-UIL Performance (during the day at Connally HS)



3: Last Tuesday night Rehearsal

6: UIL Concert and Sight Reading Assessment

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