Wind Ensemble

Knight Band Notes- Wind Ensemble 1/22/19

This Tuesday’s after school rehearsal will be AWESOME!!  The Hawk Band Wind Ensemble will be joining us!! We will have pizza at the conclusion of the rehearsal.


Quote of the Week:

“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician.  I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.”   – Albert Einstein


MidKnight Madness is approaching fast!  We need YOU! (We want an adult at all activities and at all exits!)  Please consider participating in this crazy fun event!


TUESDAY REHEARSAL: 4-6PM (The Hawk Band will join us!!  We will have pizza at the end).
Wind Ensemble remind: @h2h8a


7:00-7:45am (Tenor Sax see new day)

KLMS Band Remind:

Text: 810-10

Monday:Clarinet (@4a7ch7), Flute (@fb8fe6), Oboe (@3a6ee7) SCHOOL HOLIDAY

Tuesday: Clarinet (@4a7ch7), Flute (@fb8fe6), Oboe (@3a6ee7)

Wednesday: *Alto Saxophone (@a4g46f), *Tenor Sax (@3dch7a), and French Horn (@84g68c)

Thursday:Trumpet (@3adf33)

Friday: (all lows) Trombone/Euphonium (@f8g69a2), Tuba (@34kg7c), Low Clarinet (@b6eae4) , Bassoon (@webasso), Baritone Saxophone (@kk4cdb)


***Please click the link below if you have Verizon Wireless to get the latest information about the dispute concerning the  “Remind” program:


Music Mastery Assignment
Students must pass off their “Music Mastery” assignment by February 20th to be eligible to participate in the “pfun” part of MidKnight Madness.  They may stay after school this Wednesday and Friday if they would like to pass off some of their “music mastery” assignment with a director (they are also welcome to record this assignment in charms or send it to the )

2019 Wind Ensemble Music Mastery


Please watch dates for rehearsals and performances.  It is VERY important that ALL students attend ALL rehearsals (as full band rehearsals are meant to help us learn balance, blend and intonation within sections and the full band).  Below is a link to the band calendar that the students were given in August. Please try to avoid major orthodontic appointments close to performances!

2018-2019 Knight Band Calendar UPDATED

Sneak Peek:


Every Tuesday! (4-6pm)

Sectionals (see schedule)



Every Tuesday! (4-6pm)

20: Deadline for Music Mastery


26-27: Pre UIL Performance


Students will need their tuner/pick-up every day in class!

2 thoughts on “Wind Ensemble

  1. Kelecholochi says:

    Yeah Klms Wind Ensamble

  2. Marc A. says:

    We are the best

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