Symphonic Winds

Knight Band Notes- Symphonic Winds 11/18/19


Please keep an eye on the Knight Band Calendar


Tuner/Pick Up Microphone

In order for the Knight Band to have superior performances all year long, we need all of our students to have a tuner/pick up microphone.  A tuner helps us measure your students instrument length for pitch and the pick-up is a microphone that focuses just on your student’s sound (especially when there are 80 other students trying to tune) at the same time.  Here are a few options:


  1. Purchase a tuner/pick-up combo (Korg TM-50 or TM-60) for $30 from us! (Cash or Check made out to: klms band) Knight Band Store
  2. Purchase one from a local music store. 
  3. Purchase on Amazon Korg TM-60  (really any model of tuner with a pick up will work!)


We will have a supply check for these required materials every Monday.  Please let us know how we can help! If you would like, we can charge the cost of the tuner/pick up to your Charms account and the amount can be paid any time after. As always, please advise us if you have any other questions. 


Winter Caroling Club (OPTIONAL), Tuesday (11/18/19), After school until 4:30pm

The Caroling Club is a group a group of volunteers.  They will prepare some holiday music to play in the atrium of Kelly Lane and/or perform for a nearby assisted living center.  We will meet on Tuesday until 4:30pm to practice and discuss future rehearsals!


Fundraiser Money PAST Due (Tuesday, October 15th)

We will be reaching out to you soon if your fundraiser account has not been cleared.


Money was due: Tuesday, October 15th. Cash or checks made payable to KLMS Band. Please put your student’s name on each check as well as on the envelope.


If you would like to check your fundraiser balance, please log in to Charms (if you have trouble logging in, please email Charms How To 


Prizes will be distributed after the student accounts are clear.



Due to complications with the MusicFirst program, we are going to extend CHARMS submissions for recordings.  If you need us to reset your CHARMS password, please email a band director. Below is a summary for how to submit recordings.



  1. Charms ( School Code: klmsband. Password: student ID (no letters)…but could have been changed.  Ask us to reset if necessary ( We recommend students change their passwords to: s1234567 (just put an “s” before their student ID number.)


  1. Email recordings to: (be sure to include your name and what you are playing)

  2. Come before or after school and check out an iPad to use in a practice room.


Upcoming Events

November 22(Wednesday): Mr. Sneed’s Birthday

December 10(Tuesday): 7th & 8th Grade Winter Concert @ KLMS Gym 6:30pm


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