Symphonic Winds

Knight Band Notes-7TH/8TH GRADERS-4/30/21

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” -Walt Disney


HHS Auditions-8th graders who have NOT auditioned yet

Virtual 8th Graders who HAVE NOT auditioned for HHS yet, you will audition on Monday during your normally scheduled zoom class.


The HHS Hawk Band will be having their Spring Camp starting next week, May 5-7! An email with information was sent out earlier this week. More up to date information can be found here.

KLMS 7th Grade Auditions/Final Exams begin THIS COMING WEEK 5/3/21.

They will take place during your child’s band class. Students that are virtual will still join the Zoom meetings and a KLMS director will hear you in a breakout room. On-campus students will move into an available band room to have their auditions live. 



Changing Method of Instruction

From the Superintendent, “In order to better support student learning and attendance needs, beginning April 16, all students will have the option to switch to in-person learning at any time.” If your band student is switching to face-to-face instruction at any time during the end of the school year, please notify the band directors at as well as the KLMS Registrar at When students come on campus the band directors prepare several items including: band face mask; bell cover; school-owned instrument (if applicable); locker; combination lock; additional seating; update seating chart for contact tracing; etc. We want to welcome new students to campus with everything prepared to help them be more successful. 


All 8th graders are encouraged to attend the Hawk Band Spring Camp 2021 which will take place at HHS on May 5th, 6th & 7th from 5pm-8pm. There is a Preview Performance on May 7th at 7pm


Rookie Camp(that’s you 8th graders!): 7/26/21 (8am-4pm)

Full Band: 7/27/21-7/30/21 (8am-4pm)

Full Band: 8/2/21-8/3/21 (8am-12pm | 1:30pm-4:30pm | 6pm-9pm)

Full Band: 8/4/21-8/5/21 (5pm-9pm)

Full Band: 8/7/21 (8am-4pm)

Full Band: 8/9/21 (4pm-6pm)

Performance: 8/9/21 (7pm)

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