Symphonic Winds

Knight Band Notes- Symphonic Winds 11/12/18


Practice Practice Practice

Hello Symphonic Winds.  Don’t forget, go to our website and click on the link, Cyber Concert, at the top and then watch it over and over again! YAY BAND! .


What’s Next:

Symphonic Winds will now prepare for their winter concert as well as the march for our UIL performance.  Please keep encouraging your children to practice as much as possible at home or after school. This is the only way to build face muscles, dexterity muscles, and stronger lungs for band playing.



Students were asked to have a tuner/metronome and pick up for band this year.  They have officially been trained on these items in class and will need to be sure to have their own for every day use.  You can purchase them from a local vendor, online vendor, or through the band store. The band store has two options:


  1. tuner/metronome and pick up combo:  


  1. Pick up ‘only’ (to be used with a smartphone and tuning app):


Winter Caroling Club (OPTIONAL), Tuesdays, After school until 4:45pm

We are starting a small ensemble club for students that are interested in participating in the tradition of caroling. Students will receive music and practice with fellow musicians to perform for their families and friends during this winter season.



22nd Mr. Sneed’s Birthday



4th 7th and 8th Winter Concert @ KLMS 6:30pm (band T-Shirt and jeans, holiday flair is acceptable).


19th Mr. E’s Birthday

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