Honor Band

Knight Band Notes- Honor Band 12/17/18

We have truly enjoyed 2018 with these young musicians and we are looking forward to an even better 2019!

Next semester is “UIL Season” so please be sure to check out the band calendar!

This week is Mr. E’s Birthday!!  (Wednesday) Happy Birthday Mr. E!!


Last Day for Instruments: WEDNESDAY!

Band Lockers have to be COMPLETELY EMPTY by after school on Wednesday!!  They will be pulling all of the lockers out of the band hall (to pull out the carpet that is under them)!  We will play instruments in class through Wednesday. Nothing should be left in band lockers over the holiday!  (Students with ‘home’ instruments may leave their ‘school’ instruments at school).


UIL Season!!

Next semester begins with our journey towards creating the best performance possible for the UIL Concert & Sight Reading Assessment in March.  There will be after school rehearsals and Pre Contest Concerts! Be sure to check out the calendar to plan ahead!




The district will be pulling out ALL of the carpet in the bandhall areas!  That’s great news (as the carpet is 12!)…BUT… that means we have to remove EVERYTHING from the bandhall (they are even removing our lockers!!).  Students will need to take EVERYTHING out of their lockers before they leave for the break.  We need YOU!!  We can use all of the hands available to get everything moved from the bandhall to the stage/cafeteria on Friday, December 21.  We will begin the process first thing in the morning and it will continue all day until all has been moved.


Yes! Students CAN practice over the holidays!

What should they do?

  • Have them play for the family!
  • They can begin working on their “Music Mastery Assignment” (will be passed out soon!)
  • We will be sending home another ‘Holiday Workout!’
  • Encourage them to play any fun music they hear on the radio or can find the ‘sheet music for online’



Students were asked to have a tuner/metronome and pick up for band this year.  They will be using them ‘daily’ starting the week we return from the holiday. You can purchase them from a local vendor, online vendor, or through the band store.  The band store has three options (please note in the ‘comments’ if you choose the ‘pick-up only’ if you need the ⅛ inch or the ¼ inch):


  1. tuner/metronome and pick up combo: https://pflugervilleisd.revtrak.net/middle-schools-/Kelly-Lane-MS/klms-band-store/klms-band-supplies/#/v/korg-tuner-metronome-and-pick-up-combo  


  1. Pick up ‘only’ (to be used with a smartphone and tuning app: this one has an ⅛ inch jack): https://pflugervilleisd.revtrak.net/middle-schools-/Kelly-Lane-MS/klms-band-store/klms-band-supplies/#/v/tuner-pick-up


  1. Pick up ‘only’ (for students that already have the tuner: this one has a ¼ inch jack): https://pflugervilleisd.revtrak.net/middle-schools-/Kelly-Lane-MS/klms-band-store/klms-band-supplies/#/v/tuner-pick-up


Band Calendar

Please check next semester’s dates! (beginner dates are highlighted)


One of the highlights of the semester will be the spring trip to Six Flags!  

What is the criteria?

  • Students must attend UIL!
  • Students must be passing all classes on the 9 weeks 3 report card.  
  • Students should not have disciplinary issues within the band program.
  • All student accounts must be cleared.



19th Mr. E’s Birthday

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