Beginner Band

Knight Band Notes- Final 2020-2021 Edition

Quote of the Week: “Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow.” -Juliet (Romeo and Juliet)



Thank you for your hard work this semester.  We miss you more than you know and are heartbroken that we do not get the chance to say goodbye to our 8th graders.  Know that we will be watching you ‘soar with the Hawks’ and we wish only the very best for your future.  We are very fortunate that we had the opportunity to have known you these three years.  Once a Knight, always a Knight!

Future 7th and 8th graders will be receiving your band placements for next year in a Google Classroom private message.  The next “Knight Band Notes” you receive will be under your new band name.  🙂

We know there are still unanswered questions out there: What about the 22 items I sold for the free trip?  What about the Gattiland Lock-in?  What about the 100 point skill test party?  There are many more.  Know that all of that is still in the works.  As soon as we get permission, we will let you know when and how they will happen.  We will be sending out “Knight Band Notes” throughout the summer to keep in touch.

We encourage you to practice over the summer!  Look back in your Google Classroom for some fun things to practice!  We will send out more fun stuff later!


Please enjoy the end of the year Slide Shows!

7/8 Grade 19-20 Slideshow        (PASSWORD PROTECTED:  band)

Beginner 19-20 Slideshow       (PASSWORD PROTECTED:  band)




Summer Band is still on the schedule. The directors are having daily discussions about what this will look like.

Keep an eye on the Robert E. Hendrickson High School Band facebook page for updates and upcoming activities. 🙂


Virtual Summer Camps (there are more out there, these are just a few):

Summer Music Programs Online – Mason Academy


Bocal Majority (includes clarinets)


Jackson State 8th-12th Grade


University of Kansas


Webster University 6-8 and HS


Del Mar College all levels



3 thoughts on “Beginner Band

  1. heatherhah says:

    Is the KLMS Band Store available online yet?

  2. I love band! 😁 Thanks for all you guys do!

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