Beginner Band

Knight Band Notes-5/21/21

“Don’t count the days, make the days count!”

-Muhammad Ali


Class Schedule for the last week of school

Monday(5/24)-SYNCHRONOUS-Last day to play instruments!

Tuesday(5/25)-ASYNCHRONOUS-End of Year Activity

Wednesday(5/26)-ASYNCHRONOUS-Audition Results will be sent via Canvas

Thursday(5/27)-ASYNCHRONOUS-Last day of school (Early Release)!

Last week of school for KLMS-Principal’s Blog

Audition Results

If your student signed up for Band for next year, they will be placed in one of the three 7th/8th grade bands. Their placement was based on their behavior, work ethic throughout the year, as well as an audition that took place two weeks ago. The audition material was given in January and all students have received the same amount of instruction on the material. 

The band directors take great care in placing students in the band that they will be most successful. Opportunities for advancement in the bands will be addressed at the beginning of next school year. All results are final. See this page for concerns about placements.

KLMS Instrument Return Tuesday, 5/25/21, until 6pm

If your student plays a school owned instrument please fill out this form Instrument Drop Off/ Exchange Form (summer rentals are explained in the form). In order to limit dropoff during the school day the band directors will be at the back of KLMS on Tuesday, 5/25/21, until 6pm. Please be sure to return any other accessories that are borrowed (mouthpieces, tuners/metronomes, etc.). We will also accept supply donations for students that can benefit! Supplies can include good conditioned books, oils, greases, etc. 


The last day that we will be using instruments is Monday, 5/24/21. If your child is NOT continuing band you can return your instrument to the vendor AFTER this date.

3 thoughts on “Beginner Band

  1. heatherhah says:

    Is the KLMS Band Store available online yet?

  2. I love band! 😁 Thanks for all you guys do!

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