Beginner Band

Beginner Band Knight Band Notes-11.13.20

“Music expresses feeling and thought, without language; it was below and before speech, and it is above and beyond all words.”– Robert G. Ingersoll


LEVEL 1-Skill Test Party! Via Zoom 11/18/20; 4:15pm-5:15pm

The beginner Knight Band students are making history! We have started our coveted ‘Skill Test Packet’ and the GOAL is to make it to the 100 Point Club. To encourage students to complete skill tests we are having a ‘party’ for those students that have COMPLETED (passed) all of LEVEL 1 (the first 10 skill tests). The DEADLINE to complete/pass Level 1 is Monday, 11/16/20 by 11:59pm. Students that reach that goal will receive a Zoom invite. We will coordinate rounds of ‘Among Us’ during the party. Students will need access to the game via a phone or tablet. We will be talking with students to find similar games that are interactive incase students do not have access to ‘Among Us’ for any reason.

Charms balances have been updated; Please pay for your child’s Knight Band T-Shirt!

Here is the link to pay for your Knight Band T-Shirt:
Knight Band Shirts Payment

If your child plays a ‘school owned instrument’ (tuba, euphonium, french horn, oboe, or bassoon), the instrument usage fee is due. This is a one time fee that covers the entire school year.  Please click here to pay:

Instrument Usage Fee Payment



-The first grade for this IPR went into Skyward this week! (Students should have performed/recorded Skill Test Level 1 number 4).

-Students need their instruments every day in class. (And take them home often, especially on the weekends.)

-PfISD is providing free breakfast AND lunch to ANY student.

Week of 11/13/20

Monday-Need Essential Elements Book 1

Tuesday-Charms Recording, Skill Test 1.5

Wednesday-Focus on Essential Elements Book and Winter Concert Music

Thursday-Focus on Essential Elements Book and Winter Concert Music

Friday-What Are You Thankful For? (Thanksgiving)



-We have a few students that have not been attending band Zooms consistently.  They are missing a lot of information!  Please be sure your child is attending band on synchronous days! (Monday.Wednesday.Friday).

-If a student has a private lesson during class, be sure they go back to their Google Classroom and “Mark as Done” for attendance purposes.

-Students should practice their instrument every day during their assigned band class.  (Even on asynchronous days).

Week of 11/2/20

Monday-SYNCH-Continue learning fundamentals, reading music (Mark as done in Google Classroom).

Tuesday-Async-Charms Recording, Skill Test 1.5 (Mark as done in Google Classroom).

Wednesday-SYNCH-Continue learning fundamentals, reading music (Mark as done in Google Classroom).

Thursday-SYNCH-Continue learning fundamentals, reading music (Mark as done in Google Classroom).

Friday-Asynch-Sousa (in observance of Veteran’s Day) (Asynchronous Activity in Google Classroom).

Schedule (Monday/Wednesday/Thursday)

1st Period (clarinet, horns, euphoniums & tubas) 8:20am-9:07am

6th Period (flutes, oboes, bassoons, trumpets) 1:54pm-2:41pm

7th Period (saxophones, trombones, percussion) 2:44pm-3:35pm

There will be catapult assignments in the “Class of 2026 or 2027” tab!  Be sure to check in and complete them!

3 thoughts on “Beginner Band

  1. heatherhah says:

    Is the KLMS Band Store available online yet?

  2. I love band! 😁 Thanks for all you guys do!

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