Beginner Band

Knight Band Notes- Beginner Band 9/13/19


Greetings Knight Band Students and Parents!


Instruments are coming home!!  Please help your young musician make a plan as to how they will get them home (especially if they ride a bike) and where they will practice (should be a quiet place free from distractions).   French horn, Euphonium, and Tuba those instruments will stay home.  They will have a ‘school instrument’ and a ‘home instrument’. If the home instrument needs repair please bring it up to the school. 


* Weekend Assignment
The beginners were given a fun assignment for the weekend!  They get to teach YOU how to assemble, produce a sound, clean and disassemble their instrument!  Parent Teach 2019


*19-20 Band Uniform Shirts

We will distribute your student’s uniform shirt on Wednesday, 9/18/19, if their band bundle has been paid for. We will encourage students to wear them or put them away immediately. 


*Band Membership ‘Packet’, Past Due August 24th

If you have not filled out the “Membership Packet” please try to complete this weekend.  🙂

Required Band Membership ‘Packet’


*Next Week’s Lessons

Here are some things that students will be learning in beginner band class next week:

  • How to produce a long steady tone on their instrument
  • Articulation (the way we tongue and slur our notes)
  • We will have an assessment on “Note Names on the Staff” on Thursday!


3 thoughts on “Beginner Band

  1. heatherhah says:

    Is the KLMS Band Store available online yet?

  2. I love band! 😁 Thanks for all you guys do!

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