Beginner Band

Knight Band Notes- Beginner Band 11/12/18


Beginner Party!

Students that complete Level 1 and Level 2 in their Skill Test Packet by Nov. 13 are eligible to participate in our next Beginner Band Movie Party!  The party is Thursday, Nov. 15, after school until 5:30pm.


After School Rehearsal

We have the awesome problem that our Beginner Band is too big to all fit in the band hall at the same time!  As a result, our amazing councilors put each instrument into different classes throughout the day. That being said, we will need to have some after school rehearsals to put all of the instruments together in preparation for the Winter Concert (December 6).  The first rehearsal will be, Tuesday, Nov. 27 from 3:45-5:30pm. (Students should bring a snack that they can eat at 3:35 before rehearsal begins).


Next Week’s Lessons

The majority of the class period this week will be focusing teaching music concept through performance.  This means we will teach them new music vocabulary as we learn and perfect the music. Some of the concepts are listed below.

  • Multi-Measure Rests
  • Staccato and Legato
  • 1st and 2nd endings (and repeats)




We hope your student is having fun practicing at home!  Be sure to ask them to play for you occasionally. Students have the opportunity to pass off skill tests in class every week, but if they would like to participate in the skill test parties, they will have to submit more than one a week.  We have presented to the students many options as to how they can record their skill tests.

  1. Use the Charms Blue App (either on their phone, a tablet, a computer).  


  1. Use a voice recorder or phone to record directly to the device, then leave the device with the band directors in the morning.

  2. Record on their home computer or other app on their phone/device and send it to


  1. Pass off skill test in private lessons.  

  2. There will be at least one day a week that beginners can stay after school to pass off skill tests for a director.  (They can stay after any day and borrow an iPad to record to charms in the band hall).


Essential Elements 2000

Students will need this book to record and practice their skill tests.

3 thoughts on “Beginner Band

  1. heatherhah says:

    Is the KLMS Band Store available online yet?

  2. I love band! 😁 Thanks for all you guys do!

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