Beginner Band

Knight Band Notes- Beginner Band 9/5/17

Greetings Knight Band Students and Parents!

We had an amazing first week with the beginner band! We are having so much fun getting to know each other and will really get into learning our new instruments Tuesday! We sent a lot of paperwork home with the students in their official “bander” and kicked-off our yearly fundraiser this week! We are excited that your young musician is working with us this year and cannot wait to see the amazing things that they will accomplish.

We will send out weekly “Knight Band Notes”, containing lots of information about our program and updates on student progress. Without further delay, here are your Knight Band Notes to start off the 2017-2018 school year!

Remind 101 Instructions


Student’s first homework assignment will be to log into Charms and record their name.  Complete this task by Friday 9/8/2017 and you will receive a 100 Test Grade.

  1. Knight Band Fundraiser Information

Our annual Knight Band Fundraiser has begun!  Students will have the opportunity to help offset the cost of their Spring Band Trip as well as help out the Knight Band Program!  


*Fundraiser will run from Thursday, 8/31/17 through Friday, Sept. 8.


*Daily Prizes (students do not need to bring their form for daily prizes):
Tuesday: 6 items = washable tattoos  🙂
Wednesday: Top Seller in Each Class gets a King Size Candy Bar

Thursday: 8 items = Egg Draw (candy and money prizes)

Friday: Turn in on time = soda or candy
*Overall Sales Prizes

10 items=Fidget Spinner

18 items = Gattiland celebration (100 or more students and it will be a ‘lock-in’)
22 items = FREE Band Trip
Top Seller in each class = Russo’s GIANT pizza!  (to share with friends…if they want;)
Top Selling class = Silly String War!!
Top Seller overall = $100 Visa Gift Card!!!

Entire Band family sells 1,200 items=Director’s Dress Up as Beauty and the Beast Characters

(total online sales divided by $17.00 equals additional items to student accounts for prizes)


Fundraising Info 2017

Fundraiser Order Form

Fundraiser Brochure 2017

Online Fundraiser


  1. Band Forms Due Friday, September 8th

Your student should have brought their Knight Band “Bander” home. This binder has two forms that must be filled out and returned by Friday, September 8th. The ‘Statement of Understanding” document asks that you review several band policies and provide us with up-to-date contact information. The “Supply Form” asks that you pay for the 2017-2018 Band Bander, 2017-2018 Band Shirt as well as the *new* Official Band Cinch bag. This form also includes the option of purchasing our instruction book “Foundations of a Superior Performance” as well as a black dress shirt for the students’ formal attire (see handbook). Both are required for class but you are welcome to use your own vendors for both of these items (8th graders may already have these).

We would really like to increase Knight Band enrollment in private lessons! Private lessons are extremely important and would benefit all of our students tremendously. If you would like more information about private lessons, please contact Mr. Sneed!

Private Lessons

Statement of Understanding


  1. Next Week’s Lessons

Here are some things that students will be learning in beginner band class next week:

  • Posture- How to stand and sit properly in band class
  • Breathing techniques- Air support and how to project our air stream
  • Brass mouthpiece buzzing- creating and refining the mouthpiece buzz
  • Instrument Assembly- How to properly assemble, disassemble, and care for the instrument
  • Making our first sounds on the entire instrument!!!


September Events
Sept. 5: Open House
Sept. 8: Band Forms Due
Sept. 22 (or 15): Instruments Go Home!!