Wind Ensemble Superbowl Workout!

1 Major Scale: for every field goal by either team

1 Clark Study (w/ repeat):  for each touch down by either team

1 cut from Music Mastery:  for each extra point

2 cuts from Music Mastery (consecutive):  for every run over 10 yards by either team

2 Clark Studies in a row:  for every pass over 15 yards by either team

1 Octave Chromatic Scale:  for every sack

2 Octave Chromatic Scale:  for every turnover

1 set of lip slurs (octave/register)  for every penalty

At the end of each quarter, the sum of scores = # of times you play the hardest part of your UIL music     

Hold a Plank for every commercial that is food or alcohol related.



Our FINAL After School Rehearsal for BEGINNERS is TODAY (Monday, 12/9/19) from 3:45pm-5:30pm. It is possible for the rehearsal to end EARLY!


WE HAVE 4 MINUTES LEFT!! There are still cookie dough boxes in the band hall!!! Come pick up your orders!!!! The cookie monster will get you if you leave it at the band hall!!cookie monster