7th * 8th Grade MidKnight Madness is finally here!!  THIS Friday, February 17.  

We needs LOTS of volunteers!! If you can help out, please go to:

Those that have already signed up!  THANK YOU!!!   We will send out an email later this week with more details.


The students need LOTS of FOOD!!  Please send treats for your children!  🙂  You can send anything you would like, the link is just a guideline to be sure everything is covered.  There will be close 200 students eating for 8 hours!  You can also choose to send money as we will be doing a Sam’s run as well as providing Pizza for the main course.


Go to this link to sign up for donations!


There will be a salsa contest if you or your student would like to enter, please send at least a 3-cup container.
If you send items in containers that you would like returned, please label them clearly!  There will be a lot going on that night!!