7th & 8th Grade Summer Band Fun!!

The summer is quickly coming to an end and we are excitedly preparing for a great 2016-2017!

We will have a fun action-packed week of ‘Summer Band’ before school starts.

Monday – *Friday, August 15-19, 6pm – 7:30pm (Wind Ensemble, see below)

-Thursday we will take group pictures for the “Pfestival of Bands” program.  Students should wear blue jeans and we will provide the new 2016-2017 Knight Band Shirt.

-*Friday, we will be hosting the ‘Zinger Olympics’!  (This means, the students might come home a little sticky….)

Tuesday/Wednesday:  during our evening rehearsal (6-7:30), we would like to assemble our band binders (“banders”) for this year.  If you have time to spare, we would appreciate having some parent volunteers assist us with this task.  The more volunteers, the faster the process! Thank you for your support!!


Thursday: (Picture Day, 6-7)  We need about 3-4 parents to help organize the students to bring them to the gym in groups for the pictures (and to help distribute T-Shirts).


Students should have a flip folder and a lyre (see exceptions below).  This is the device they use to hold the music when we perform outside (Pfestival of Bands, Football Games, etc.).  We hope to have the band store online soon!  For now, we take checks (payable to KLMS Band) or cash.

Flip Folder,Lyre, and Supply Prices

*Flip folder (with 10 pages)


Additional flip pages


Flutist’s friend (*this lyre includes a flip folder)


Clarinet lyre (will also need a flip folder)


Saxophone lyre (will also need a flip folder)


Bass clarinet lyre (will also need a flip folder)


Trumpet/Euphonium lyre (will also need a flip folder)


Clamp on lyre

(for horn or trumpet w/out removable 3rd valve ring)


Trombone lyre (*this lyre includes a flip folder)


Sousaphone (tuba) lyre (will also need a flip folder)


Clarinet/Alto Saxophone Reeds


Tenor Saxophone/Bass Clarinet Reeds


Contra Bass Clarinet/Bari Saxophone Reeds


Oboe/Bassoon Reeds


Valve Oil


Contra Bass Clarinet will not need a lyre (flip folder only)

Percussion (oboe/bassoon) will not need a flip folder nor a lyre.

***Wind Ensemble ONLY:

Wind Ensemble Students will meet an hour early ONCE to get their District Music (see chart below):

Tuesday, Aug. 16 (5:00pm): Bassoon, Saxophone, Trombone, and Euphonium

Wednesday, Aug. 17 (5:00pm): Flute, Bass and Contra Bass Clarinet, and Trumpet

Thursday, Aug. 18 (5:00pm): Oboe, Clarinet, and Tuba

**Percussion will meet at 5:00 each day (Monday-Friday)